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Description: God has only ordained three institutions: government, the home, and the New Testament church. The New Testament church is the only of the three that determines the direction of the others. The direction of the churches in a nation will determine the direction of the homes in a nation and the direction of the government in a nation. Likewise, the deterioration of and perversion of the homes and government in a nation is, at least in part, an indictment against the churches in that nation. Founding, building, and leading New Testament churches is the most pressing need of the hour. The need for churches that are fanatical about soul winning and Fundamental in practice has never been greater. A New Testament church is a lighthouse to guide the lost out of darkness and the Christians in the way of the Word. Churches who have abandoned their post need their fire rekindled once again. Places without a lighthouse need one erected and lit to shine bright the message to those lost and wandering. This course, we believe, will be a very practical help and guide on how to build a church that will guide many to Christ.