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This class was specially designed to honor God, encourage your Pastor, and help you as an individual to become a blessing to many people. Anyone who takes this course and then believes and lives its content, will be a better Christian and a better human being in general. The time you spend in this course is going to help your church and increase God’s blessing upon you and the rest of the congregation. The Pastor at your church is considered a man of God, and the Bible very clearly teaches there are ways we can encourage and aid God’s man. Lessons will be taught about how to help your man of God as well as how to be a blessing to his wife and family. May we encourage you to take this course and encourage you to encourage as many others as possible from your church to take it also. Dr. Owens makes the promise that this class will help take a local, New Testament church to a new level of success by earning special blessings due to properly caring for and assisting God’s man as he does God’s work.