Accreditation Statement

Our college, which is a ministry of the Twin Rivers Baptist Church, was founded primarily to educate and train our people here at this local church. We believe that God would have us to make Practical Bible Baptist College available to those people outside our local church and around the world who share our beliefs.

Practical Bible Baptist College has and by the Grace of God will continue to operate free of academic / governmental oversight. The Board of Trustees of Practical Bible Baptist College has chosen not to seek regional or national accreditation because we answer to God and do not see any need to answer to non-spiritual entities regarding that which the Word of God addresses. We want to avoid the potential of outside influences or pressures to change our theological, doctrinal, and moral positions by those who do not attend our church nor believe that the Word of God is the final authority for life.

We have all seen how the world and the systems it has set up have in many instances tried to make right become wrong and also tried to turn wrong into right. We reject anything other than the clear teaching of God’s Word to determine right and wrong and what God’s people are to do.

According to the United States Department of Education, accreditation is a voluntary process. Practical Bible Baptist College has elected to exercise this privilege by remaining autonomous. More importantly, our college was founded because of God’s leading through our Pastor and the agreement of the congregation and also the college board to start Practical Bible Baptist College to strengthen, educate and edify our people.

We believe our accreditation credentials have been given by God Himself in His eternal Word. Accreditation from God is far superior to any other accreditation agency in the world. We seek only God’s approval and do not desire approval by those who do not follow God’s law and doctrine. It is our desire to reach the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our earnest, fervent prayer is to hear Him say “well done.”