Jeff Owens was born August 10, 1960, and was born again at the ripe “young” age of 16; he felt the call of God on his life to preach that very same year. Before the age of 17, he found himself preaching or teaching the Bible an average of eight times a week. He started serving in his local, New Testament church as an unpaid assistant pastor at the age of 17 overseeing and running the bus program and the teen program.  After graduating from high school at the age 17, he went off to Bible college. His speaking schedule has remained very full since 1981, tallying over 38,000+ sermons being delivered for the cause of Christ to well over 750,000 people.

 After many years of college and seminary study, he earned six different degrees and diplomas. At one of his graduation times, he graduated with honors and received the Sword of the Lord’s Award of Evangelism from Dr. Curtis Hudson. This award was given to one Christian college student per year in the United States of America for their personal evangelistic accomplishments.

 At the time of his final college graduation, Jeff was hired as a full-time assistant pastor at the First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana which was pastored by Dr. Jack Hyles and was home of “The World’s Largest Sunday School”. His Alma Mater, led by President Dr. Wendell Evans, simultaneously hired Bro. Owens as a professor at Hyles-Anderson College. Through the many years that followed, Jeff was promoted through the ranks to the office of vice-president, and it was clear that the mantle of the presidency of the college would be placed upon him. He spent a total of 18 years serving in the great ministries of First Baptist Church of Hammond, alongside and under the leadership of Dr. Jack Hyles.

While working in the ministry of the First Baptist Church, he was overseer of an important ministry called the Bible Club Ministry. It reached into the public schools, and in its prime, the workers conducted preaching clubs in 34 different public schools throughout the Chicago-land area. Thousands of salvations were recorded in the Lambs Book of Life during these years. He also started a young, married couples Sunday school class, with a base attendance of two (he and his dear wife). The opening day found 14 people in attendance. The class grew to over 500 people in regular attendance under his leadership. It was quickly rumored as the largest young, married couples Sunday school class in the world at that time. Along with leading in various ministries at First Baptist Church, Bro. Owens also helped to administrate the yearly budgets. While serving at Hyles-Anderson College, Dr. Owens preached annually for their National Youth Conference, Bus Conference, Educator’s Conference, Ladies’ Conference and Pastor’s School. Dr. Owens resigned his work at HAC and First Baptist Church shortly after the death of Dr. Jack Hyles, desiring to follow the call of God for him to pastor.

Dr. Owens felt God had called him to take a wonderful church in Martinsburg, West Virginia. Many would describe the next 11 years of ministry as a “miracle ministry”. The church grew rapidly and strong. The 25-acre property was highly developed under Dr. Owens ministry and included the construction of a 25,000 square foot Educational Building. This ministry would average approximately 3 million a year in income. Before his resignation, the church had exceeded the $2 million mark of funds given to foreign missions. While there, he founded the Old Paths Baptist College and served as its president. His staff grew from 10 people to 51 full and part-time employees. Having started with nine Sunday school classes in 2002, there were 85 different Sunday school classes which were organized during his pastorate there – 24 of which were adult classes. He hosted and founded three national conferences that were conducted each year throughout the time of his ministry at SBBC. His heart for the bus ministry led him to purchase and run 20 bus routes to the area. They had a total of 24 church buses and vans all of which were paid for in cash and debt free. On the 10th anniversary, there were nearly 2,700 people in attendance on the property with over 600 people trusting Christ as Savior in that one church service alone. Dr. Owens resigned this church and went into full-time evangelism for fourteen months due to God’s leading.

Throughout the course of his ministry, he has traveled in evangelism across the nation and around the world conducting revival meetings and conferences. He has spoken in 49 states and in several foreign countries. He is the author of 12 different books and over 100 other products made available to the public through his ongoing ministry, Owens Publications. These resources can be viewed at Without exaggeration, virtually hundreds of thousands of people have utilized the free sermons and other products this ministry has made available.

After his resignation from SBBC, Dr. Owens accepted the pastorate of another church that was strong doctrinally but was struggling numerically: Twin Rivers Baptist Church of New Bern, NC. This dear church family became his next challenge and opportunity. Since 2013 this church’s attendance has increased by a factor of 9 and the offerings have increased tremendously. Thousands are being saved through TRBC, and God’s power and blessing is evident. Bro. Owens lead he church to moved into a state-of-the-art building and purchase the land adjoining, The estimated value is over 2 million dollars.

Dr. Owens and his wife, Schery (also a Bible college graduate) have been successfully married since 1981. They have four children, all of which are Bible college graduates and faithfully attending church and serving God with their lives to this day. It is estimated that nearly 300,000 people have been saved thus far during the course of Dr. Owens’ ministry. In 2019, he founded The Practical Bible Baptist College and is currently serving as president.

Dr. Owens is known to have a unique blend of conviction and compassion. He and his family have undergone many attacks from the devil, but have stayed true to their old-time beliefs and have continued to love God and others. Through the grace of God, it is his goal to finish the next 20 years of his ministry with the same fervor and commitment to building God’s kingdom as God has allowed him thus far.